Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving sale!

Last of the new purchases for my new room!
tiny dress
new glasses

So I'm not a very good blogger, I've decided.  I also speak backwards alot of time too.  But anyway, nothing new lately. I've been on a sort of buying spree for the past 3 months or so and decided it was finally time to take a break unless it was something I couldn't live without.  What also lead me to this was that I'll be moving in a month or so and I want a clean slate.  So what's bad for me will be good for some of you!!
I'll be having a sale on my etsy from now until I get settled into my new house, or room rather. Nothing is more then 40$ and I'd say most of the stuff i'll be selling at a reasonable price. Go take a look!! 

Well hopefully I'll get some stuff sold and be able to start buying again! Thanks a bunch.

p.s. My family and I also will be having a garage sale in about two weeks or so, so if any of you girls live in the nj/ny tristate area, let me know and I'll tell you the date/address. There will be a TON!! of things and then some stuff I'm selling on my own.

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Stefanie Valentine said...

Oh those glasses are beautiful. I've been trying to find some nice vintage frames that aren't too expensive. Love your blog btw!