Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving Sale.

Moving Sale.

So sadly to say, I'm actually moving and it's came quicker then expected . I've lived in my house now for about ten years and
I must say, I'm very sad to move. Although I'm 20, I feel sort of like a little kid that doesn't want to leave there home. I've moved four other times before this but no other house has felt like home to me, except this one. As I'm writing this I'm even getting a wee bit teary eyed as foolish as that may sound. My whole family has been packing for the past couples weeks while I reluctantly take things down in my room. I'm trying to occupy my time doing other things that don't involve me packing away my tiny room into a couple of cardboard boxes. I really don't want to but there isn't anything I can really do, so I'll have to be a big girl and just go with the flow for now. But we are having a garage sale and if anyone lives around NYC, you should stop by. We'll have a TON of things.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleepy Hallow


Today my friends and I took a little trip to Sleepy Hallow, NY. After eating at a really cute Greek place and getting the most delicious cupcake from a coffee shop we found ourselves in Pretty Funny Vintage. The store was the bottom level and basement of this wonderful house and filled with the most WONDERFUL things you could ever imagine. I wanted to buy pretty much everything, dresses,books,pins, paintings, old globes and sooo much more!! Although I loved this place, I walked away empty handed partly because i'm broke and the other part because the prices were alittle too steep for me. But the workers were really nice and put me on the mailing list. So, next time I visit I hope to have some money and if you're by the area, give this place a visit!!!

Pretty Funny Vintage

Pretty Funny Vintage
80 South Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591

in love.

saffron marigoldsailor


Pretty Funny Vintage

Pretty Funny Vintage

Pretty Funny Vintage

sleepy hallow



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving sale!

Last of the new purchases for my new room!
tiny dress
new glasses

So I'm not a very good blogger, I've decided.  I also speak backwards alot of time too.  But anyway, nothing new lately. I've been on a sort of buying spree for the past 3 months or so and decided it was finally time to take a break unless it was something I couldn't live without.  What also lead me to this was that I'll be moving in a month or so and I want a clean slate.  So what's bad for me will be good for some of you!!
I'll be having a sale on my etsy from now until I get settled into my new house, or room rather. Nothing is more then 40$ and I'd say most of the stuff i'll be selling at a reasonable price. Go take a look!! 

Well hopefully I'll get some stuff sold and be able to start buying again! Thanks a bunch.

p.s. My family and I also will be having a garage sale in about two weeks or so, so if any of you girls live in the nj/ny tristate area, let me know and I'll tell you the date/address. There will be a TON!! of things and then some stuff I'm selling on my own.